Saturday, February 5, 2011

2011 Ginetta G55 pictures, performance and price

    This car of  Ginetta, this 2011 Ginetta G55. 2011 Ginetta G55 is powered 3.7-liter delivers 370 horsepower Ford original, coupled with Hewland gearbox. Compared with the old G50, the new exhaust system boasting Ginetta race against stronger and rear brakes, new system and fresh body with better aerodynamics. The 2011 Ginetta G55 is the first time at the Autosport International on 13 Shown in January. The Ginetta G55 price, is £ 75,000. The 2011 G50 is powered by 300 hp 3.5-liter Ford with the same Hewland gearbox. The Super GT Ginetta said Mr Tomlinson, the expressions of the benefit structure of other class GT Championship, as the Le Mans Series, and charity, and competitors from a different angle and panel. The registration fee for the series of the trip is £ 9.750 TGE VAT at G50 and G55 11 750 pounds of VAT. So let us examine this picture

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