Sunday, February 6, 2011

UPDATE: Mercedes-Benz C-class coupe official pictures (full engine spec)

    Mercedes-Benz's favorite motoring magazine, AutoBild, has published the first official pictures of the new C-class coupe.

    The weekly German publication was given the pictures of the new BMW 3-series rivalling coupe on an exclusive basis ahead of other motoring medium.

    The car featured wears an optional AMG bodykit and runs Mercedes-Benz's latest 3.5-litre V6 engine developing 306bhp in the C350 Coupe.

    It is good for 0-62mph (100km/h) in 6.0sec, a limited 155mph (250km/h) top speed and average fuel consumption (on the European cycle) of 34.5mpg (6.8L/100km) . . . the equivalent of 98g/mile (159/km) of CO2 emissions.

    Spec on other engines below.

    C180 CGI Coupe BlueEfficiency
    156bhp at 5000rpm
    0-62mph (100km/h): 9.0sec
    Top speed: 140mph (225km/h)
    Consumption: 35.1mpg (US), 42.2mpg (UK), 6.7L/100km
    CO2 emissions: 97.5g/mile (157g/km)

    C250 CGI Coupe BlueEfficiency
    204bhp at 5500rpm
    0-62mph (100km/h): 7.2sec
    Top speed: 149mph (240km/h)
    Consumption: 36.2mpg (US), 43.5mpg (UK), 6.5L/100km
    CO2 emissions: 94.5g/mile (152g/km)

    C220 CDI Coupe BlueEfficiency
    170bhp at 3000rpm
    0-62mph (100km/h): 8.4sec
    Top speed: 144mph (232km/h)
    Consumption: 53.5mpg (US), 64.2mpg (UK), 4.4L/100km
    CO2 emissions: 72.7g/mile (117g/km)

    C250 CDI Coupe BlueEfficiency
    204bhp at 4200rpm
    0-62mph (100km/h): 7.0sec
    Top speed: 149mph (240km/h)
    Consumption: 48.0mpg (US), 57.6mpg (UK), 4.9L/100km
    CO2 emissions: 79.6g/mile (128g/km)

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